Advanced Best Practices - Questions to Ask During the Call

Advanced Best Practices – Questions to Ask During Call

Get to the why and the how behind the “what”.

Dig deeper into the answers

  • What evidence supports that point of view
  • What informs that opinion?

Generate creativity:

  • What are some alternative ways that could be the case?

Find the base-rate

  • How widely held is your perspective?
  • Why does your opinion differ from that of consensus?

Tease out

  • What is something about [topic x] that you believe that most people don’t agree with (Peter Thiel). What is something that most outsiders do not understand about industry x? What is most misunderstood about your business?

Alternate way of framing

  • IF project X that company Y was embarking upon 5 years from now became an abject failure – what do you think is the chain of events that would have led that to happen? [Thinking Fast Thinking slow