Advanced Best Practices - Avoiding Potential Biases

Advanced Best Practices  – Avoiding Potential Biases:

  • Duration in the industry
    1. The best experts have lengthy experience in their various fields, however, such experience can also cloud one’s perspective as to what is happening outside of the industry. Maybe they are steadfast in the old ways because they’ve been there for 30 years.
  • Worked in one role
    1. Similar to the duration in the same industry issue. Maybe the key driver of growth / change in a business or industry is one that the expert does not regularly interact with. Maybe the expert only sees the outcome but not the cause, and lacks the higher level perspective to understand the cause.
  • Worked in one geography
    1. Things are different in different areas of the world. Selling practices are different. Competitive dynamics are different.
  • Cultural norms?
    1. Divisions may have different cultures, maybe the person comes from staid culture in one division and thinks the whole company is like that, versus the rest of company is quite innovative as a whole.
  • Historical norms
    1. Maybe biased by how things have always been done (coupled with duration in the industry)
  • What everyone else thinks => not a good expert who answers that he thinks because that is consensus
    1. Dig into the why (see other article)
  • Use this lens to think about your last few expert calls